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Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies Stand with Refugees and Immigrants

The Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies, together with the leadership of its predecessor organizations, IAJVS (International Association of Jewish Vocational Service Agencies) and AJFCA (Association of Jewish Family and Children's Agencies) and its member agencies representing more than 140 Jewish Vocational Service and Jewish Family Service agencies throughout the United States, Canada and Israel stand together in protest against the Trump administration's Executive Order to halt all refugee resettlement for 120 days, to suspend Syrian resettlement indefinitely, to limit immigration from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen and to significantly reduce the ceiling for refugee admissions. Read the entire letter here.    

NJHSA Conference to be Held at Sheraton Grand Chicago in April 2018

The NJHSA “Launch” Conference will take place in Chicago at the end of April 2018 at the Sheraton Grand. The theme of the Conference is "Unifying the Human Service Voice." The four areas of focus  will be Advocacy/Government Affairs, Collaboration, Innovation and Service Delivery.

In a similar vein, NJHSA will be hosting a meeting October 28-30, 2017, for Agency Executives, at the Arizona Biltmore. This will be the first formal time for all 140+ Executives to gather. While there will be serious networking for  all, there will also, of course, be compelling content.

Member Agency Dues

A large part of the impetus for the NJHSA has been the reality that dues paying membership associations are becoming anachronistic. We are working toward creating a modern association that is not (as) dependent on dues. In the meantime please budget neutral for the next year, i.e., whatever you paid (or will pay) for 2016 is what the NJHSA will need for 2017. After 2017, it is fully anticipated that dues will be somewhat alleviated by alternative revenue streams.

NJHSA in the News

Obamacare repeal effort has Jewish service groups on edge

 Before the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010, Jewish Family Service of Metro Detroit organized local doctors to provide free care to Jews who lacked health insurance. Continue reading here

Jewish human services agencies merge to create umbrella group

Two associations of Jewish human services agencies have merged to create a new umbrella organization. The Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies unites the Association of Jewish Family and Children’s Agencies, or AJFCA, and the International Association of Jewish Vocational Services, or IAJVS. The umbrella group will have 140 North American Jewish human service agencies under its auspices, as well as three in Israel, and serve hundreds of thousands of people, Jewish and non-Jewish. Continue reading here.

Obamacare repeal effort sends jitters through Jewish service groups

As Congress moves to repeal and possibly replace the health care law, the more than 100 Jewish Family Service agencies across the country are grappling with the question of what will happen once it’s gone. Even as some JFS executives are lobbying Congress to maintain some of the law’s protections, others are planning for a future where philanthropy and state government will have to fill in where Obamacare once was. Continue reading here.

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