Statement in Opposition of HHS Waiver for South Carolina Agency

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January 24, 2019

The Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies stands united in firm opposition of the recent US Department of Health and Human Services’ decision to grant a waiver authorizing a South Carolina social service agency to discriminate against prospective foster parents on the basis of religion.  As a non-profit, receiving government funding, Miracle Hill Ministries of South Carolina was recently granted a waiver after a Jewish woman was reportedly refused acceptance as a potential foster parent due to her faith.  The government issued waiver endorses discrimination, which is unlawful and in direct opposition to the values upon which the United States was established.  The granting of this waiver sets a dangerous precedent for other forms of discrimination and should not have a place in the US child welfare system.

Perry Ohren, Board Chair
Reuben D. Rotman, President & CEO