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BeWell: Helping Youth, Teens and Young Adults Thrive

Powering Progress Through Collaboration

BeWell is a partnership between The Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies (The Network) and the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) to address the youth mental health crisis in the Jewish community. Focus is on both intervention and prevention.

BeWell is an initiative of The Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies in partnership with Jewish Federations of North America.

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Empowering Clinical Excellence

A Comprehensive Approach to Strengthening Youth and Family Clinical Services

As part of BeWell, The Network:

  • Works with member agencies to strengthen their capacity to provide clinical services to youth and families.
  • Facilitates the Youth and Families Clinical Services NETGroup which provides a space for clinicians to network, share best practices, and brainstorm solutions to challenges.
  • Offers trainings for clinicians to learn evidence-based clinical approaches for working with youth and families.
  • Supports agencies as they meet their community needs in addressing the youth mental health crisis.

Fostering Community Resilience

BeWell's Resiliency Roundtables and Community Practice

BeWell also includes the North American Resiliency Roundtable, a forum for clinicians, youth professionals and other community members to learn together about important issues impacting Jewish youth and their families. This model has been extended to the creation of local ‘Resiliency Roundtables,’ supporting communities throughout the United States. These local Roundtables effectively bring together key stakeholders who interface with youth to better understand local resources, identify any service gaps, and create strategic community planning and programming. Complementing the Roundtables, BeWell offers a Community of Practice for communities to group problem solve, gather ideas, and share best practices.

Unlocking Expertise

Youth and Family Clinical Services NETGroup

For professionals interested in learning more or attending the Youth and Family Clinical Services NETGroup, click below.