Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies Statement on Jersey City Shooting

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December 10, 2019

Once again, The Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies is bereft following this week’s shooting in Jersey City, New Jersey. As the details continue to unfold and the view is pointing to this incident as being of an anti-Semitic nature, our pain and sorrow runs even deeper. The member agencies of our Network know all too well the lasting trauma which episodes of gun violence bring to not only the victims, but also to the surrounding community members. We also know that the impact of these incidents are felt world-wide. The kosher supermarket in Jersey City is no longer a place of convenience for the Jewish community of Jersey City, but rather a stark reminder of the hatred which is gripping our country and our world. Today, we stand with the victims and the bereaved families and community members in Jersey City, as we stand everyday with the countless victims of mass shootings and senseless hatred taking place throughout the world. The Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies is united in its determination to support communities in their efforts to move beyond the hatred, which is the root of the violence, and will continue its efforts to support the victims and the impacted communities as they grieve these unspeakable losses.