July is Disability Pride Month

Join the movement for #StopSpecial

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June 28, 2024

In anticipation of #DisabilityPrideMonth, disability organizations and advocates have launched the Stop Special campaign! This initiative calls for an end to using the word “special” to describe people with disabilities.

Why Stop ‘Special’?

Feedback from the disability community highlights that the term “special” is often seen as condescending and offensive. Although still used in law and public policies, it sets disabled people apart, implying they are somehow broken or deficient.

Evolving Language for Equality

Just like the R-word, it’s time to discuss how euphemisms like “special needs,” “special education,” and “special” more broadly harm the fight for disability rights, equality, and justice.

Join the Movement 

Change isn’t easy, but it’s essential for inclusion. People with disabilities have asked us not to call them ‘special’—and that’s reason enough.

Visit StopSpecial.org to learn more about our effort, access tools and resources, and Take the Pledge to help spread the word!