Archive for Video/Audio Recording

Domestic Violence NETGroup Launch Meeting

Holocaust Survivor Services – Supervisors/Directors NETGroup- How we all conform and confirm to claims conference policies and procedures as well as how we interpret and administer them

Clinical Services Professionals NETGroup: Open Discusssion

Volunteer Professionals NETGroup: what you did for/with your volunteers at holiday time

Youth & Families Clinical Services NETGroup: JQ’s Parent & Caregiver Workshop Series (recording)

Disabilities Residential Executives NETGroup: Biggest Challenges

Food Pantry Professionals NETGroup- Pantry Plans for 2024

Older Adults Services NETGroup- DEEP DIVE discussion on the needs of LGBTQ seniors and how we, as Older Adult Services Professionals, can support them

NETTalk: Portrait of The Network Presentation for Members

DEI & HR Professionals NETGroup- Challenges & Strategies: Creating a Sense of Belonging